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HAVEN is the only security product that prevents break-ins where deadbolts can’t by being anchored at the strongest point of the door: inside at the base.

HAVEN's Sleek Design fits below most home door thresholds
HAVEN's Sleek Design fits below most home door thresholds
HAVEN Smart Lock - Secure

Anchored at the Base – HAVEN is installed inside the house at the bottom of the door. With 95% of break-ins requiring some force, this creates a sturdier support system.

The HAVEN lock will use a rechargeable 3.7V, 5000MAH Lipo battery as the main power source. It will have 2, alkaline, AAA batteries as backup. The rechargeable battery is good for 350+ charge cycles. The Lipo battery will need to be periodically recharged with the supplied, 5Vdc charging adapter.

Take more control of your home

HAVEN gives homeowners total control to manage and track the system through their mobile device. It has many features but preventative security comes first.

Keyless entry – Lock and unlock doors locally or remotely. Add a key fob and HAVEN automatically unlocks as you approach.

Digital key sharing – Share digital keys and set permissions to activate and expire when you dictate.

Home Automation  – Sync Haven to other devices:

Take Control of your home
Take control of your home

To create a lock without a key or deadbolt, the HAVEN team worked with code inspectors, fire marshals, and contractors to establish multiple built in redundancies.

HAVEN Smart Lock secures

Designed to Keep You Worry Free

Mobile Device Unlocking – Dedicated application tied to your HAVEN ensures it only responds to the mobile devices you identify.

Online Access Portal – If your phone is lost, lock and unlock your home from any computer.

Mechanical Release – A mechanical footplate automatically lowers the lift gate in case of an emergency.

Power and Backup – In the event of a mechanical or power failure, two batteries and redundant wireless components ensures you can communicate with your HAVEN.